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Ruffin Gaming adv. Godman

Disputed liability, 29 year old man who suffered cervical injuries requiring four levels of fusion, also claimed spinal cord injury. Demand: $6.1 million; offer: $300,000. Defense verdict.

Acme Electric adv. Longhofer

Disputed liability, wrongful death, alleged failure to properly maintain electrical utility box resulting in the electrocution death of a 39 year old mother of four. Demand: $5 million; offer: $750,000. Defense verdict.

Nandory adv. Ault

Closed head injury, disputed liability, defense verdict.

Henri Specialties adv. Hershey

Rear end collision by construction truck at 30 mph, 27 year old plaintiff underwent cervical fusion, past and future medical bills of $650,000. Argued that plaintiff hit car in front first, causing herniation. Demand of $3.2 million; offer $400,000. Defense verdict on causation.

Heinz Steam Cleaning adv. Dane

Disputed liability, spinal injuries, defense verdict, co-defendant found to owe $300,000.

MJ Dean adv. Calabrese

Disputed liability, fall down at construction site, spinal injuries requiring surgery but disputed causation. Offered $300,000. Defense verdict.

Tab Contractors adv. Frost

Disputed liability, admitted closed head injury of 23 year old and admitted spinal injuries with questionable need for surgery. Offered $150,000. Defense verdict.

Bellagio Hotel & Casino adv. Rizzuto

Fall down in bathroom, causing need for two level cervical fusion, also with claims of mild traumatic brain injury. Defense denied liability. Demand was $299,000; offer was $25,000. Defense verdict.

GEICO adv. Kazan

Claim of insurer bad faith, breach of contract, breach of Unfair Claims Practices Act; demand of $2,000,000. Disputed liability. Defense verdict.

MS Concrete adv. Frazier & Keys

Tractor-trailer struck Plaintiffs in the rear, after bees entered his cab and one landed on his eye. Defense denied liability for sudden emergency. Plaintiffs demanded $265,000; offered $125,000. Defense verdict.

Finley adv. Broughton

Trauma leading to surgical removal of testicle of 30 year old male, disputed liability and disputed medical causation, $125,000 offer, $175,000 demand. Jury verdict: 51% liability on defendants, $1,328 award, reduced to $677.28.

Dodd’s Diesel adv. Roll-Off Box

$2,200,000 property damage claim, product defect claims, disputed liability, after seven years of litigation, Judge Walsh granted a directed verdict during the trial and dismissed the Plaintiff’s claim.

GEICO adv. Miller

First party claim, rear end motor vehicle collision. Plaintiff underwent two level cervical discectomy and fusion with medical bills exceeding $92,000. Disputed causation. Primary tortfeasor had $15,000 liability policy, which was a credit to GEICO. Jury verdict: $5,075; net verdict against client GEICO: $0.00.

Country Club Towers adv. Bush

Disputed causation, quadriplegic, $100,000 credit from settlement paid by primary tortfeasor, but additional $300,000 offered. Jury awarded plaintiff $150,000, less $100,000 due to the credit, for a net verdict of $50,000.

Terex Corporation adv. Jitnan

Three level cervical fusion of 44 year old plaintiff, undisputed liability. Disputed medical causation. Plaintiff demanded $1.875 million, offered $210,000. Jury awarded $47,472.00.

State Farm adv, Bodnar

Disputed coverage claim, plaintiff sought entire $1,000,000 first party umbrella policy, while client State Farm disputed coverage. Judgment in favor of State Farm that plaintiff not entitled to coverage.

Construction Catering adv. Moreno

Disputed liability, trucking negligence, 2 level cervical herniation and fusion, plaintiff permanently disabled, $300,000 CSL policy, $240,000 in lien and special damages. Jury verdict: 51% liability on defendants, $140,000 award, for reduced verdict of $71,400.

Simpson adv. Blond Sprinklers

Business dispute regarding $200,000 supposed capital contribution for business, disputed contractual rights issues. Verdict for Defendant.

Amland Development adv. Brown

Disputed liability, premises liability, surgical shoulder and knee, as well as back and neck injuries. Demand was $250,000; offer was $150,000. Defense verdict.

Utilico adv. Sparta

Undisputed trucking liability, claimed axonal brain shearing, need for multiple spinal surgeries. Disputed injuries. Demand was $800,000, offer was $300,000. Verdict of $318,000.

Kriegh and Tejas Underground adv. Perez

Disputed liability, tractor trailer sideswiped car on I-15 while changing lanes. Demand was $225,000; offer was $125,000. Defense verdict.

Gardner Assoc. Adv. Ashenfelter

Disputed premises liability fall down resulting in total knee replacement. Demand was $700,000; offer was $150,000. Defense verdict.

Badlands Golf Club adv. Gage

Plaintiff fell from an elevated tee box, alleging improper design and a hazardous condition. Plaintiff underwent shoulder surgery; defense offered $75,000. Defense verdict.

Decker adv. McBride

Fall down on property, when Plaintiff stepped in a hole partially covered by grass, requiring three knee surgeries and a future total knee. Demand was $700,000; offer was $225,000. Verdict was for $69,000.

Bagrensky adv. Wilkerson

Disputed liability, rear end collision with plaintiff motorcyclist. Fractured clavicle with residual limited use of dominant arm. Plaintiff demanded $150,000; jury found 40 percent liability on plaintiff and awarded net verdict of $30,000.

Assurance Company of America adv. Aspgren

Contract damages claimed, $1,000,000 offer, $140,000 verdict, no bad faith found.

City of Las Vegas adv. Dolan

Binding arbitration, wrongful death claimed, defense verdict.

Northwest Retreaders adv. Buckles

Binding arbitration, disputed liability, admitted damages, trucking negligence, 35 year old plaintiff with two cervical fusion surgeries; significant closed head injuries. Plaintiff sought entire policy limit. Defense verdict.

Harkey adv. Wilson

Admitted liability, disputed causation. Plaintiff underwent surgery to the cervical spine and to her shoulder after a motor vehicle accident. Plaintiff demanded $440,000, defense offered $325,000. Jury awarded $308,000.

West Coast Diesel adv. Jacks

Product liability, disputed liability and damages. Plaintiff alleged construction equipment motor piece failed, causing damage to equipment and loss of use damages. Plaintiff sought $99,000. Defense offered $7,000. Verdict for the defense.

State Farm adv. Pollino

Admitted liability, Plaintiff underwent hip replacement surgery, disputed medical causation. Plaintiff sought entire first party policy limits of $215,000, matter in binding arbitration. Arbitrator’s decision: $21,000.

Kalfas adv. Geliberte

Disputed liability, Plaintiff in intersection accident suffered lacerated spleen requiring surgical repair and post-operative hematoma, 4 fractured ribs. Plaintiff sought entire policy limit of $250,000. Binding high/low arbitration at $110,000/250,000. Arbitrator’s decision: $112,104.44, less 15% for plaintiff’s comparative fault for $95,288.77 award.

Bonca adv. Bone

Disputed liability and damages. Defendant made a left turn into the plaintiff who was traveling in the shoulder. Plaintiff suffered soft tissue spinal injuries. Plaintiff demanded $35,000, defense offered $9,500. Defense verdict.

Stromberg adv. Lubin

Libel allegations, defense verdict.

Kirk adv. Esparza

Rear end collision, disputed legal causation, soft tissue injuries, defense verdict.

Davis adv. McDuffie

Disputed liability, knee injury requiring future surgery, defense verdict.

International Marketplace adv. Rivera

Disputed liability premises case involving a forklift and a customer. Demand was $11,500, no offer made believing claim lacked merit. Defense verdict.

Shepherd adv. Sumrall

Disputed liability and damages, property damages stemming from theft from a storage locker. Demand was $36,454, offer was $5,000. Verdict of $3,200.

Western States adv. Smith and Traffic Control Services

Disputed liability and damages arising from motorcycle incident. Offer was $8,000. Found 20 percent at fault for net verdict of $3,800.